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Top 5 Things That Will Help You Pass an MOT the First Time

If your vehicle is due for a MOT check, then you will want to save yourself from the hassle and have it pass the MOT the first time. With our top 5 list of easy tips on passing the MOT, you can get your car in shape …

Is a Mot Required?

First of all, we want to explain the MOT to you before we continue. If you have a vehicle that is three years or older, then you will be required to have a yearly MOT check in order to ensure that it is roadworthy. The highest fee a mechanic is allowed to charge you for a MOT is £54.85, but many times, you can find them at a cheaper price. To many, this may seem like another expense, but it can be helpful for revealing potential problems that could put you at risk of an accident. Plus, failure to have a valid MOT is illegal and it will usually invalidate your vehicle insurance.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 things that will help you pass an MOT the first time …

1. The Tyres

The tyres will need to be the right size for your vehicle. If you have a space-saver tyre on one of your wheels, then you need to replace it with a normal tyre before you go in to have the test done. Check and make sure all of your tyres have the right tread depth. You can take a penny and insert it into one of your tread grooves. If the outer edge of the penny is obscured, then you have the sufficient tread depth.

2. Wipers

The wipers and washers need to properly work in order to give you a clear view. If you have wipers that smudge your view, then you need to replace them before the test. Also, if you have headlight washers, check that as well. Before the MOT, make sure your windscreen is in perfect condition. If there are any stickers that could obstruct your view, remove them.

3. Lights

All of your lights need to be in good working condition and the right color. This includes your reverse lights, parking lights, headlamps, registration plate bulbs and your indicators. Those daytime running lights are also going to be checked on those vehicles that were first used from March of 2018 and up (those vehicles will require a MOT check starting in 2021). Properly clean all of your lights and have someone walk around the vehicle in order to make sure they work. If the lights flicker when you tap them, then they probable need to be replaced.

4. Seatbelts

Seatbelts are important – if they are damaged in any way, then your car isn’t going to pass. Make sure they work properly and click into place securely.

5. Doors

All of the doors need to open and close freely – if they don’t, then your car isn’t going to pass. Once they are closed, they need to remain closed. The front doors should be able to be opened from both the outside of the vehicle and the inside.

So there you have it, the top 5 things that will help you pass an MOT the first time …

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